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Asia Chef s Specialties

w. White Rice
spicy Chicken w. Garlic Sauce 11.99
spicy Shrimp w. Garlic Sauce 13.99
spicy Scallop w. Garlic Sauce
Green pepper, mushroom, carrots, zucchini, broccoli
Sweet & Sour Chicken 9.99
spicy Coconut Chicken (Crispy) 10.99
spicy General Tso's Chicken 11.99
spicy General Tso's Tofu 11.99
Tofu w. Mixed Vegetable 9.99
Sauteed String Beans 9.99
Sesame Chicken 11.99
spicy Orange Chicken 11.99
Coconut Shrimp (Crispy) 11.99
spicy Hot Spicy Chicken
Stir fry chicken, with onion, scallion, celery pepper, mushroom in hot chili sauce
Pineapple Chicken
Lightly fried chicken with pineapple in Japanese mayo honey sauce
spicy Thai Basil Chicken 13.99
spicy Hot Spicy Shrimp 14.99
spicy Thai Basil Shrimp 14.99
Seafood Delight
Jumbo shrimp, scallop, crabmeat, fresh vegetable in Japanese saki wine sauce
spicy Sizzling Salmon
Lightly fried sushi grade salmon with onion, pepper carrot & snow pea in spicy garlic sauce
Tobiko Scallop
Grill all natural scallop with asparagus mushroom, tobiko & cilantro on the top
spicy Thai Curry (In Casserole)
Famous coconut curry sauce in a hot bowl
You can choose yellow, red or green curry
Tofu & Vegetable $13.99 / Chicken $13.99 / Shrimp $15.99